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Episode #4 – New Orleans – A Trip to the Super Bowl Host City

Road Trip Radio makes its first appearance on Monday night, and we start off by bringing back a fake interview the man who had to be duct taped to his airline seat last December. In our Along the Way… segment, we visit the enchanting roads of Southern Louisiana, looking for everything from a giant Ronald Reagan statue to the home of Tabasco Sauce.  You won’t want to miss what Dave has to say about the bassigator!

Our guest tonight is Mark Romig, president of New Orleans Tourism Marketing and a member of this year’s Super Bowl Planning Committee, telling us about all the things to do in the city, both on game day and year round.

Later in the hour, Jeremy tries to get a correct answer to this week’s trivia question and fends off crank callers telling him that RTR is broadcasting nothing but haunting silence.  Dave tries to contact the Mars Rover at great expense, both to NASA and to his ego. Join in the fun on this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio!

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Episode #3 – Travel Tips from Mark Sedenquist of

Jeremy and Dave have a big announcement to make about Road Trip Radio, and it’s not that we’ve been cancelled!  RTR will be moving to Monday nights starting next week, January 28th, plus they’ll be on an hour earlier – that’s 9 p.m. East, 6 p.m. West.  Dave also talks about the show now being available on the iTunes podcast store for free download, and warns listeners about the next big computer virus.

Our special guest tonight is Mark Sedenquist, founder and webmaster of RoadTrip America, the web’s largest road trip planning site.  Mark tells our audience how he got hooked on road trips and shares some of his favorite travel tips to make your next vacation even more enjoyable and memorable.

This week’s Along the Way… segment visits the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, a 23-mile bridge/tunnel complex, one of the longest in the world.  Dave wonders if he could make it across without visiting the gift shop – repeatedly.  This Week in Travel highlights a few of the odd aircraft mishaps over the past week, including four tires on a regional jet that (mysteriously?) suffered blowouts all at the same time upon landing at Newark.

Another angry listener calls in to complain about Road Trip Trivia and demands satisfaction.

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Episode #2 – The Worst Roads in America

For those of you that thought Road Trip Radio would be pulled off the air after last week’s antics, think again!  More fun, more travel talk, and more travel tips abound on this week’s edition.

Road Trip Radio is back for a second week of travel and fun, but this time with a more critical eye.  Dave has the night off, so Jeremy discusses the worst, most potholed, most traffic-clogged, most dangerous highways in the United States.   And don’t forget to call in and answer tonight’s trivia question for a shot at winning valuable (and we repeat, valuable) prizes.  (Will anyone win the prize tonight?)  We take a virtual trip to West Texas in our Along the Way. . . segment, and if we’re in a good mood, we might even cross the state line into New Mexico.  Jeremy talks about how great it would be to drive a ’58 Edsel, and he takes calls from pedestrians and roadtrippers alike from across the country.

Join us live every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. East, 7 p.m. West, and call in at (646) 915-8095 to join in the conversation.

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Episode #1 – Resort Fees, Toll Roads, & Luggage Fees – What’s Next?

People have been asking us, “What is Road Trip Radio?”  Well, it’s the travel show for the common man.  Road Trip Radio focuses on leisure travel and road trips, although all travel and transportation issues are fair game for the show.  It’s mostly travel, with a good share of humor and fun thrown in.  Join us live every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. East, 7 p.m. West.  Call in and add your two cents at (646) 915-8095.

On this week’s premiere episode, we tackle the fees most detested by leisure travelers and business travelers alike:  resort fees, toll roads, and airline luggage charges.  Host Jeremy Krug and co-host Dave Godar give their opinions and discuss the week’s (somewhat) biggest travel story – the man that had to be duct-taped to his airline seat so he wouldn’t choke his fellow passengers.  In our Along the Way segment, we discuss the natural beauty and excitement of driving Colorado’s Million Dollar Highway.  It’s the first full-length episode, so Jeremy and Dave learn to work the equipment in the studio.

Next week’s topic:  The Worst Roads in America

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