Episode #7 – The Future of America’s Interstates – Featuring Earl Swift

This week we continue our discussion with historian and author Earl Swift about the history of the interstate highway system.  Last week he gave us a few surprises, such as the fact the Dwight Eisenhower wasn’t really the man behind the interstate system.  We learn about Mr. Swift’s favorite interstate routes, as well as some that aren’t such an easy travel experience.  We learn about the challenges facing the interstates over the upcoming decades.

This week’s edition of Along the Way… visits the resort towns of Riverside County, California, including the National Date Festival.

There’s a plethora of news to talk about, including the return of the crippled cruise ship Carnival Triumph.  We talk about the meteor that gave quite a show over the skies of Russia last week, as well as a new bridge / old bridge swap.

On the Lighter Side takes the RTR helicopter for a spin, and you won’t want to miss what accidentally (or maybe not so accidentally) arrives in the mail at our studio.  Dave and Jeremy may not be able to handle it…

Listen live to Episode #7 at 9 p.m. East, 6 p.m. West.

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