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Episode #16 – Derby Week in Louisville Ky

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One of the hottest destinations in America for 2013, Road Trip Radio takes you to Louisville, Kentucky, home of the greatest two minutes in sports.  We’ll help you find some unexpected wonders and plenty of things to do while in town.

To top it off, host Jeremy Krug & co-host Dave Godar discuss the biggest stories in travel this week, as well as a double feature of our popular comedy series, On the Lighter Side.  This week’s Road Trip Tips will give you a few tips to help make your car last forever (well, almost forever).

It’s another hour of travel and fun on Road Trip Radio!

This Week’s Infolinks

Kentucky Horse Park – Lexington

Keeneland Race Track

Visitor Info for Ky State Capitol in Frankfort

Kentucky Derby Festival

Popular Places to Visit in Louisville

Get Your Tickets to the Kentucky Derby

Episode #15 – Lincoln Highway Adventures

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Our guest this week is Brian Butko, author of the book Greetings from the Lincoln Highway.  You’ll want to tune in to listen to his special insight about the history and special sights to see along this historic road, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.

Our Along the Way… segment visits I-80 through western Utah and the Great Salt Flats – one of the most unusual interstate stretches in America – which forms a part of the Lincoln Highway route.

There’s plenty of news This Week in Travel, and there’s more comedy in our popular segment On the Lighter Side.  Join hosts Jeremy Krug and Dave Godar for an entertaining hour of “everything road trip related”.  You won’t be disappointed!

Episode #14 – A Trip to Glacier National Park; Secrets of Highway Rest Areas

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Glacier National Park is one of America’s true natural wonders. Accessible yet far away for most, the park is home to Going-to-the-Sun Road, often cited as one of the most scenic motorways in the world. This week, host Jeremy Krug takes you on a virtual journey to the park and offers some tips to make your trip a memorable one. He’ll tell you where to find the best lodging, the best food, and the best scenery in the park. Don’t be shut out of the best scenery around Mt. Logan; we’ll give our best estimates for when the pass will be open to traffic.

We’ll share some of the fascinating history behind interstate rest areas, showcasing some of our listeners’ favorites and discussing some of our rest area pet peeves. You’ll learn where the most interesting and innovative rest areas in the country are found, plus we’ll give our award for the Cleanest Rest Area in the Country.

This Week in Traffic discussed the worst traffic jams in the world, and our popular clean comedy series On the Lighter Side helps out a driver stuck in a giant traffic jam. Don’t miss this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio!

Episode #13 – America’s Cheapest Hotel Rooms

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This week, RTR searches the country for the cheapest hotel and motel rooms that can be found, in search of the elusive $20 room.  What will it be like – an acceptable option or a scary fleabag?  Jeremy, Dave, and their listeners share their experiences in the cheapest of cheap motel rooms.

Our Along the Way… segment visits the state of Arizona, looking for fun stops along the highway.

This Week in Travel will clue listeners in on the worst cities in the country for traffic jams.  Also, annual airline customer satisfaction surveys are out, and you’ll learn the best airlines for luggage, as well as the worst.

Join us for another week of fun on Road Trip Radio!