Episode #34 – Area 51 & Nevada’s Extraterrestrial Highway

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This week, Jeremy and Dave take on one of the country’s most mysterious highways — Highway 375 in Nevada, sometimes called the Extraterrestrial Highway. Located just a few miles away from the most top secret military installation in the world, Area 51, this highway has treasures for everyone, whether or not you believe the government has something ‘otherworldly’ to hide. We’ll show you how to get as close as is legally possible to Area 51 without crossing the forbidden border and being abducted by the ‘cammo guys.’

We’ll be talking with two experts who know just about everything that can be known about the area. First, we’ll be joined by Pat Travis, who’s owned the Little A’le’inn in the town of Rachel, Nevada, for over 20 years. She’ll share her experiences living so close to the famed military base, plus some of the lessons she’s learned living in such a beautiful, yet isolated place.

Later in our show, we’ll be joined by Will Tryon, of Adventure Photo Tours in Las Vegas. His company organizes tours of the Area 51 border region and the E.T. Highway. Will shares his expertise on jaw-dropping spots to visit around here, and as a 42-year pilot, he gives his thoughts on the unusual maneuvers he’s seen in the sky.

Later, in our comedy segment On the Lighter Side, J. Howard Carter calls in and has accidentally taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque and has ended up at the entrance to Area 51.

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