Episode #37 – Steering Clear of Deer

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Vehicle collisions with deer are of the most costly and unpredictable types of crashes in the country. This week, we’ll tell you where and when you’re most likely to hit a deer and what NOT to do if you see one in your path. Plus, we’ll trade stories of deer collisions we’ve experienced in the past.

Our weekly travel segment Along the Way… takes a drive down one of the most interesting interstates in America – California’s Interstate 8.  In its short 170 miles, you’ll see a little bit of everything, and we’ll tell you the best and quirkiest places to stop while you’re there.

In This Week in Travel, we’ll discuss the unusual and shocking things one Arizona hotel occupant found in her room.  And we’ll open up the Travel Archive to listen to more classic commercials from the 1960’s.  Don’t miss our On the Lighter Side segment, where we’ll catch up with J. Howard Carter and his latest cause for consternation.

It’s another hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun on this week’s episode of Road Trip Radio!


Tips for Avoiding Deer Collisions

Likelihood of Deer Collision – National Map

How clean was that hotel room?  Weapons and trash on the floor, and maybe meth….?

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