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Episode #42 – Holiday Air Travel Tips

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If you’ll be taking to the skies this holiday season, you won’t want to miss this episode of Road Trip Radio. We’ll give easy-to-follow tips to help you find your way through the long lines, potentially bad weather, flight delays, and stringent security measures that you’re likely to find when traveling during peak periods.

Plus, this week we celebrate the Season Finale of Road Trip Radio. Join us for a brief look back over our first year on the air, plus a look forward to some changes and enhancements to our show when we return for our second season in January.

Episode #41 – NY to LA in 29 Hours – Meet Speedrunner Ed Bolian

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This week, we chat with Ed Bolian, the man from Atlanta who recently broke the “Cannonball Run” land speed record, driving from New York to Los Angeles in less than 29 hours. He’ll tell us how he did it and the intense preparations that went into setting the long-distance speed record.

Our travel news segment This Week in Travel will focus on a new underwater hotel room available in Tanzania for a mere $900 a night. Also, Jeremy discusses the controversy caused by ‘Emotional Support Animals’ that get on planes and sometimes cause more problems than they solve.

If you’re headed southeast this season, there’s a good chance you’ll be driving along I-24 in Tennessee or through the city of Chattanooga. This week we’ll share some of the secrets of enjoying this stretch of road in ourAlong the Way… segment.

Our On the Lighter Side comedy segment features a call from Stan Lawrence and his plan to set a speed record…. of another kind.

Join us for another hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun with a few classic commercials from the old days of radio sprinkled in for good measure. It’s another episode of Road Trip Radio!

Episode #40 – A Sneak Peak at Discovery Park of America

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The nation’s newest 100,000 square foot science museum, history center, aquarium, and children’s activity park sits in the most unusual place – over 100 miles from the nearest metropolitan area. This week, we talk to Mary Nita Bondurant of the brand-new Discovery Park of America. She’ll be telling us why the small town of Union City, Tennessee, was chosen for such an ambitious educational project. We’ll get a sneak peak into the center, and we’ll find out what’s in store for visitors over the next few months.

In our Along the Way… segment, we return to the Lincoln Highway, this time to Eastern Ohio. This 120-mile stretch of road has plenty of secrets waiting to be told and something for roadtrippers of all ages.

In our comedy segment On the Lighter Side, Silvio Sandoval of the Rio de Janeiro Tourism Ministry calls in and has a little trouble recommending anything specific to listeners, so resorts to insulting the host.

It’s our 40th episode, so join us for an all-new episode of Road Trip Radio!

Episode #39 – An Adventure With Captain Ahab

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This week, Jeremy sits down with Geeg Wiles, the caretaker of a three-foot tall, 40-pound, yellow lawn ornament named “Captain Ahab”.  The most well-traveled lawn ornament in the world, the Captain has become a motivational symbol for thousands. Geeg tells us about his cross-country travel adventures and the reactions he gets when taking Captain Ahab into national parks, restaurants, and down highways from coast to coast.

Is it illegal to drive while wearing Google Glass? One officer in California thinks so, and has written the first citation to a motorist for driving while distracted by Google Glass, although the motorist claims the display wasn’t even active. Plus, we discuss the “Cannonball Run” performed by an Atlanta man last month, speedrunning from New York to Los Angeles in under 29 hours, at speeds topping out at 158 mph, all on public interstate highways.

Join us for an hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun on the travel show for the common man, Road Trip Radio!