Episode #39 – An Adventure With Captain Ahab

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This week, Jeremy sits down with Geeg Wiles, the caretaker of a three-foot tall, 40-pound, yellow lawn ornament named “Captain Ahab”.  The most well-traveled lawn ornament in the world, the Captain has become a motivational symbol for thousands. Geeg tells us about his cross-country travel adventures and the reactions he gets when taking Captain Ahab into national parks, restaurants, and down highways from coast to coast.

Is it illegal to drive while wearing Google Glass? One officer in California thinks so, and has written the first citation to a motorist for driving while distracted by Google Glass, although the motorist claims the display wasn’t even active. Plus, we discuss the “Cannonball Run” performed by an Atlanta man last month, speedrunning from New York to Los Angeles in under 29 hours, at speeds topping out at 158 mph, all on public interstate highways.

Join us for an hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun on the travel show for the common man, Road Trip Radio!

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