Episode #44 – A Drive Down Florida’s Atlantic Coast

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While much of the country sits in the deep freeze, join Jeremy and Dave as they head down to Florida’s coastal highway A1A for a scenic and historic drive down one of the most interesting roads on the East Coast. You’ll learn where to find the best beach scenery, as well as the best places to stop along this picturesque byway. The team start their voyage in quaint St. Augustine, home of the Fountain of Youth, and meander their way down the coast.

Also this hour we’re joined by Lincoln Highway enthusiast Brian Butko, author of the book Greetings From the Lincoln Highway. He’ll tell us about the history of the original transcontinental highway and share some of his favorite spots along the ‘Father Road’.

Join us for this week’s news from the roadtripper’s perspective on This Week in Travel. Lots of travel news this week, including a United Airlines ticket agent that was beaten ruthlessly by a crazed passenger, as well as an economical car (less than $7000) that goes on sale in 2015 that claims to get 84 miles per gallon.

Jeremy opens up The Travel Archive to listen to a few classic commercials from the golden age of radio, and fictional caller J. Howard Carter gets what he deserves in our comedy segment On the Lighter Side.

It’s another action-packed hour of travel, roadtripping, and fun on Episode 44 of Road Trip Radio, the travel show for the common man!

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