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Episode #58 – Secrets Along Colorado’s I-70

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We’re now expecting Jeremy’s new book to be available by the first week of June. A small printing issue kept it from being available on Memorial Day. Keep listening for more details and updates!

This week, Jeremy and Dave travel along Interstate 70 through Colorado, crossing mountains and canyons, not to mention looking for hidden secrets in the city of Denver. Jeremy also gives listeners a sneak peak of his new travel book – The Road Trip Book – Travel America Like You’ve Always Dreamed, set to debut in bookstores next week. On This Week in Travel, we talk about the sometimes-crazy antics of Russian buses. And in our On the Lighter Side comedy segment, we’ll have “Fun With Siri”. It’s another hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun on this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio.

Episode #57 – 14 Must-Have Items on a Road Trip

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On this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio, you’ll learn the 14 essential pieces of gear you MUST take with you. Join us as we talk about packing for a summer road trip. In this week’s edition of our travel segment Along the Way…, we head up to one of America’s most beloved monuments, Mount Rushmore, as well as the exhilarating surroundings nearby – the Black Hills and Badlands National Forest.

In our Travel Q&A segment, we’ll discuss hotel options for roadtrippers under 21, and we’ll open up The Travel Archive and relive the cola wars. Jeremy has a big announcement tonight for all road trip lovers! Listen to tonight’s show and stay tuned to this website for more details.

Also, there’s an all-new comedy skit in our On the Lighter Side segment – pilot Jonathan Nellsen calls in, but doesn’t seem to know anything about planes.

Join us for another hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun on this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio, hosted by Jeremy Krug.

Follow-up to this week’s show: The Road Trip Book: Travel America Like You’ve Always Dreamed by Jeremy Krug goes on sale Monday, May 26th, the start of the summer travel season. This 364-page book discusses every part of planning a memorable road trip, from packing to vehicle prep to advanced preparations for an extended trip. Readers will learn dozens of ways to save money, manage road conditions, make the best of hotels and campgrounds, and eat well without sacrificing a healthy diet while traveling. Dozens of suggested routes and destinations are highlighted in the book, including the best national parks, rivers, beaches, and historic trails from coast to coast. There are special chapters on traveling to Alaska, Route 66, and one-tank road trips. The Road Trip Book: Travel America Like You’ve Always Dreamed will be a must-have for every road trip lover. The book will be available in print edition and an edition for Kindle e-readers on Monday, May 26th. The audio version should be available on iTunes, Amazon, and by mid-June. Listeners to Road Trip Radio will receive a discount on the print edition; listen to the May 26th episode for more information.

Episode #56 – Planning Summer Road Trips

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It’s May, and summer road trips are right around the corner! Start planning now by listening to this week’s episode of Road Trip Radio. On this episode, we’ll discuss how to get your vehicle ready for a cross-country excursion and also decide on some all-important gear every motorist should have on a long trip. Call in to our listener line 24/7 to share your summer road trip tips at (650) 27-DRIVE.

We’ll talk about Route 66 and why you won’t find it on your typical road atlas in this week’s Travel Q&A. Join us for classic commercials from the golden age of radio as we open The Travel Archive (including the 1969 debut of Ronald McDonald), plus we’ll enjoy some lighthearted humor On the Lighter Side.

Episode #55 – Celebrating National Train Day

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Join us as we celebrate the 7th annual National Train Day by hopping aboard the California Zephyr, traveling from Chicago west through the Rockies, across the desert, and onward to California! We’ll share tips and tricks for securing the lowest fares as well as making sure you’ve got the best seat on the train.

This Week in Travel focuses on rising speed limits; we’ll tell you where the speed limit will be rising to 80 mph this summer, plus we’ll tell you which airlines profited the most from baggage fees. All this, plus classic commercials from The Travel Archive and old-fashioned comedy On the Lighter Side! It’s another hour of travel, roadtripping, and fun on this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio!