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Episode #47 – The 10 Most Boring Highways in the USA

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You’ve spoken, and now we share the results! The 10 most boring highways in America – whether because of lack of scenery, monotonous traffic, or industrial sprawl – are the topic of our main segment.

This week’s Along the Way… segment heads to upstate New York to travel the Adirondack Northway, I-87 from Albany to the Canadian border. This unique route passes through charming towns, historic places, and the largest park in the lower 48 with the Adirondack Mountains at our side. Definitely NOT boring!

Jeremy & Dave discuss this week’s travel news on This Week in Travel. We’ll be answering your travel questions about the safety of Free Wi-Fi and wheeled luggage (Wheels or No Wheels?) in Travel Q&A, and Jeremy will open up The Travel Archive to listen to a few classic commercials from the golden age of radio. Get ready to laugh in our popular comedy segment as we take a call from highway author Stan Lawrence in this week’s installment of On the Lighter Side.

Episode #48 will be about Winter Driving. Call us at (650) 273-7483 and record your winter driving story of 3 minutes or less, and we’ll put it on the show!

Episode #46 – The Loneliest Road in America

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This week Jeremy and Dave visit the sparsely-populated stretch of U.S. Highway 50 through Nevada, dubbed the “Loneliest Road in America”. We’ll cross nine mountain ranges and stop at the few tiny towns that exist along the 300-mile trek from Fernley to Ely. The scenery, history, and solitude of this highway will stay with you forever…

We’ll cover this week’s news from the roadtripper’s perspective on This Week in Travel, discussing winter driving and the New York man that took it upon himself to fix the roads when local authorities didn’t. We’ll be answering your travel questions about free wireless internet in Travel Q&A, and Jeremy will open up The Travel Archive to listen to a few classic commercials from the golden age of radio, and we’ll laugh a little in our popular comedy segment On the Lighter Side.

The Official Highway 50 Survival Guide – .pdf

Get your U.S. 50 “Loneliest Road” Passport

Visit Spencer Hot Springs – a free natural hot tub

Perspectives on the “Loneliest Road” – Walking, Cycling, & by Horseback

Sand Mountain Recreation Area

Episode #45 – Hotels – the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

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This week, we discuss advances in hotel accomodations over the past 50 years. At the same time, the nickel-and-diming at some properties keeps getting worse. And an ugly few hotels and motels may actually be hazardous to your health! Join us for a lively discussion about hotels on this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio!

Our weekly travel segment Along the Way… heads down to the hills of Northern Alabama for a scenic drive along U.S. 72. We’ll be stopping at the Unclaimed Baggage Center, Russell Cave National Monument, and the U.S. Space Center – three unique stops located within an hour of each other.

We debut the new segment Travel Q&A, where we talk about passports, passport cards, and enhanced driver’s licenses. Jeremy opens up The Travel Archive to listen to a couple of classic commercials from the golden age of radio, and we take a call from Australian internet radio tycoon Paul Hubbard in our popular comedy segment On the Lighter Side.

Don’t miss this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio, the travel show for the common man!

Episode #43 – Treasures of the Arizona Strip

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The Arizona Strip isn’t a cut of beef, it’s the strip of land in Arizona north of the Grand Canyon that’s cut off from the rest of the state. As a result, this unique region – larger than Massachusetts but with a population of only 8,000 – holds scenic and cultural treasures that few ever get to experience. We’ll be visiting the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Kaibab National Forest, and the eerily majestic Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. Join Jeremy & Dave for an all-new episode where we explore the diverse landforms, monuments, communities, and parks of the Arizona Strip!

With this episode, we begin our second season on BlogTalkRadio, with all the travel fun you’re used to, like Along the Way travel segment, On the Lighter Side comedy, and this week’s news from the roadtripper’s point of view on This Week in Travel.  It’s Road Trip Radio, the travel show for the common man!


Episode #40 – A Sneak Peak at Discovery Park of America

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The nation’s newest 100,000 square foot science museum, history center, aquarium, and children’s activity park sits in the most unusual place – over 100 miles from the nearest metropolitan area. This week, we talk to Mary Nita Bondurant of the brand-new Discovery Park of America. She’ll be telling us why the small town of Union City, Tennessee, was chosen for such an ambitious educational project. We’ll get a sneak peak into the center, and we’ll find out what’s in store for visitors over the next few months.

In our Along the Way… segment, we return to the Lincoln Highway, this time to Eastern Ohio. This 120-mile stretch of road has plenty of secrets waiting to be told and something for roadtrippers of all ages.

In our comedy segment On the Lighter Side, Silvio Sandoval of the Rio de Janeiro Tourism Ministry calls in and has a little trouble recommending anything specific to listeners, so resorts to insulting the host.

It’s our 40th episode, so join us for an all-new episode of Road Trip Radio!

Episode #38 – A Special All-Request Hour – The Best of RTR

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Last week, our listeners spoke, and we listened! Jeremy and Dave picked out your favorite interviews, travel topics, news stories, and comedy sketches over the past year and combined them into one action-packed hour of entertainment. This week we bring you a special all-request hour on Road Trip Radio.  Some of the segments you’ll hear include:

  • The Lincoln Highway – As It Was in 1916
  • Crazy Russian Bus Driver Antics
  • Colorado’s Million Dollar Highway
  • Out-of-Control Airline Passenger Duct-Taped to His Seat
  • Plus Much More!

Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page for daily road trip tips. You won’t want to miss this special look back at the past year of Road Trip Radio. It’s a special hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun on the travel show for the common man!

Episode #37 – Steering Clear of Deer

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Vehicle collisions with deer are of the most costly and unpredictable types of crashes in the country. This week, we’ll tell you where and when you’re most likely to hit a deer and what NOT to do if you see one in your path. Plus, we’ll trade stories of deer collisions we’ve experienced in the past.

Our weekly travel segment Along the Way… takes a drive down one of the most interesting interstates in America – California’s Interstate 8.  In its short 170 miles, you’ll see a little bit of everything, and we’ll tell you the best and quirkiest places to stop while you’re there.

In This Week in Travel, we’ll discuss the unusual and shocking things one Arizona hotel occupant found in her room.  And we’ll open up the Travel Archive to listen to more classic commercials from the 1960’s.  Don’t miss our On the Lighter Side segment, where we’ll catch up with J. Howard Carter and his latest cause for consternation.

It’s another hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun on this week’s episode of Road Trip Radio!


Tips for Avoiding Deer Collisions

Likelihood of Deer Collision – National Map

How clean was that hotel room?  Weapons and trash on the floor, and maybe meth….?

Episode #33 – Drive Florida’s Overseas Highway

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Join Jeremy and Dave as they head to the Florida Keys on the Overseas Highway. U.S. Highway 1 follows a historic path down one of the most picturesque and interesting drives in the world. You’ll see beaches, bridges, miniature deer, and maybe even an iguana or two. And if you’re a little adventurous, we’ll show you how to get to the nation’s most isolated national park: a walled fortress located 70 miles west of Key West.

It’s another hour of roadtripping, talk, and fun on this week’s installment of Road Trip Radio!

Episode #30 – State Fairs

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One of the greatest road trip traditions is to pile into the family car for a trip to the state fair. This week, hosts Jeremy Krug & Dave Godar talk about the greatest parts of going to the fair, plus some of the biggest and best fairs in the country.

This week’s travel segment Along the Way... heads to the North Country, following U.S. 2 through Minnesota. It’s the perfect place to go when the weather gets hot in the rest of the country!

This Week in Travel discusses the new speed limit in Illinois, as well as the man that tried to smuggle a turtle onto a plane in China.  Also, the $105,000 parking fine in Chicago gets resolved.  Plus, which state in the union has the best (and worst) roads?  We’ll discuss it all on this week’s edition of RTR, plus classic commercials and a comical visit from the Mars Rover!

Episode #29 – Historic Natchez Trace – Rising Speed Limits

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This week, our Along the Way… segment features the historic Natchez Trace Parkway through Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi, relishing the southern scenery that surrounds travelers as they drive this 444-mile byway.

Ever since the so-called ‘double nickel’ nationwide speed limit was repealed in 1987, speed limits on interstate highways have been edging higher.  In fact, a half-dozen states are currently in the process of raising their speed limits.  Host Jeremy Krug will talk about the push for higher limits across the country and how it will affect your next long-distance road trip.

In This Week in Travel, Jeremy and Dave discuss the proposed hyperloop that could take travelers from Los Angeles to San Francisco faster than the speed of sound, plus the recent epidemic of purse snatchings that have taken place at – of all places – gas stations.  Our comedy segment On the Lighter Side welcomes a special guest, fresh off his media tour.  Don’t miss this week’s episode of Road Trip Radio!