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Episode #60 – Route 66 in Illinois

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This week Road Trip Radio begins a state-by-state tour of Route 66. On this week’s episode, we work our way down the state of Illinois, savoring the sights and flavors along the way. In This Week in Travel, we examine the current state of air travel with a hilarious commentary chronicling what it’s like to take to the unfriendly skies.

Dave and Jeremy unveil the $100 Road Trip Challenge and answer your questions in Travel Q&A. Join us for more classic commercials from the Golden Age of radio, plus comedy and commentary on this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio – another hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun!

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Episode #59 – Experience Route 66

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Route 66 is one of America’s favorite classic highways. This week we take to the road and experience just a few highlights along this superb ribbon of asphalt! Whether you’ve never experienced Route 66 or have traveled it several times, you’ll enjoy this tour – part history, part kitsch, and lots of fun!

Later in the hour, enjoy more classic commercials from the Golden Age of radio in our weekly Travel Archive, this week featuring Roy Rogers and the Chiquita Banana song. Host Jeremy Krug will take your travel questions in the Travel Q&A. And you’ll enjoy another tribute to the Belmont Stakes in this week’s edition of our comedy segment On the Lighter Side.

Jeremy also shares an exclusive discount code for $5 off the print edition of his new book The Road Trip Book: Travel America Like You’ve Always Dreamed.

It’s another hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun on this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio!

Episode #57 – 14 Must-Have Items on a Road Trip

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On this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio, you’ll learn the 14 essential pieces of gear you MUST take with you. Join us as we talk about packing for a summer road trip. In this week’s edition of our travel segment Along the Way…, we head up to one of America’s most beloved monuments, Mount Rushmore, as well as the exhilarating surroundings nearby – the Black Hills and Badlands National Forest.

In our Travel Q&A segment, we’ll discuss hotel options for roadtrippers under 21, and we’ll open up The Travel Archive and relive the cola wars. Jeremy has a big announcement tonight for all road trip lovers! Listen to tonight’s show and stay tuned to this website for more details.

Also, there’s an all-new comedy skit in our On the Lighter Side segment – pilot Jonathan Nellsen calls in, but doesn’t seem to know anything about planes.

Join us for another hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun on this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio, hosted by Jeremy Krug.

Follow-up to this week’s show: The Road Trip Book: Travel America Like You’ve Always Dreamed by Jeremy Krug goes on sale Monday, May 26th, the start of the summer travel season. This 364-page book discusses every part of planning a memorable road trip, from packing to vehicle prep to advanced preparations for an extended trip. Readers will learn dozens of ways to save money, manage road conditions, make the best of hotels and campgrounds, and eat well without sacrificing a healthy diet while traveling. Dozens of suggested routes and destinations are highlighted in the book, including the best national parks, rivers, beaches, and historic trails from coast to coast. There are special chapters on traveling to Alaska, Route 66, and one-tank road trips. The Road Trip Book: Travel America Like You’ve Always Dreamed will be a must-have for every road trip lover. The book will be available in print edition and an edition for Kindle e-readers on Monday, May 26th. The audio version should be available on iTunes, Amazon, and by mid-June. Listeners to Road Trip Radio will receive a discount on the print edition; listen to the May 26th episode for more information.

Episode #56 – Planning Summer Road Trips

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It’s May, and summer road trips are right around the corner! Start planning now by listening to this week’s episode of Road Trip Radio. On this episode, we’ll discuss how to get your vehicle ready for a cross-country excursion and also decide on some all-important gear every motorist should have on a long trip. Call in to our listener line 24/7 to share your summer road trip tips at (650) 27-DRIVE.

We’ll talk about Route 66 and why you won’t find it on your typical road atlas in this week’s Travel Q&A. Join us for classic commercials from the golden age of radio as we open The Travel Archive (including the 1969 debut of Ronald McDonald), plus we’ll enjoy some lighthearted humor On the Lighter Side.

Episode #55 – Celebrating National Train Day

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Join us as we celebrate the 7th annual National Train Day by hopping aboard the California Zephyr, traveling from Chicago west through the Rockies, across the desert, and onward to California! We’ll share tips and tricks for securing the lowest fares as well as making sure you’ve got the best seat on the train.

This Week in Travel focuses on rising speed limits; we’ll tell you where the speed limit will be rising to 80 mph this summer, plus we’ll tell you which airlines profited the most from baggage fees. All this, plus classic commercials from The Travel Archive and old-fashioned comedy On the Lighter Side! It’s another hour of travel, roadtripping, and fun on this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio!

Episode #53 – Adventures in Mexico, Nebraska, and Beyond

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Using over a decade of experience on the highways and byways of Mexico, Jeremy discusses what it’s like to take a road trip south of the border. He’ll be taking your questions about safety, legal requirements, and travel tips for a Mexico road trip. Send your questions before the show to our Facebook page or call them in at (650) 27-DRIVE. If you’re adventurous, take a listen to this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio. We’ll continue the discussion next week, too…

Our weekly travel segment Along the Way… visits the surprising treasures found along I-80 in Nebraska. Dave talks about geese and the birthplace of the dial tone.

This week’s Travel Q&A addresses whether it’s safe to stop at interstate rest areas and the fastest route from coast to coast.  Join us for classic commercials from the Golden Age of Radio in the Travel Archive. Plus, we have a very special edition of On the Lighter Side with plenty of comedy.

Join us for another hour of travel, roadtripping, and fun on this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio!

Episode #51 – Searching for Civil War History in Maryland

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This week, we broadcast from the road as we journey in search of Civil War history in Western Maryland. From Sharpsburg to Frederick, history buffs have plenty to gain by taking a road trip through Maryland’s Appalachian foothills. Since we’re broadcasting from the road, this episode’s sound quality will sound a little rougher, but please excuse the noise; those are just the sounds of roadtripping…

Later in our program, we bring you the best haikus about potholes sent in by our listeners from across the country. Also, our Travel Q&A segment discusses five ways to get into National Parks at a discount (or even free).

Join us for classic commercials from the golden age of radio in The Travel Archive, as well as more new comedy On the Lighter Side. It’s another hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun on Episode 51 of Road Trip Radio!

Episode #50 – The Top 10 Spring Vacation Destinations

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After one of the harshest, longest winters in recent memory, we’re all ready for spring and for a spring road trip. This week we’ll be discussing the top ten spring vacation destinations in the country. Later on in the hour, we’ll be looking back over our first 50 episodes and focusing on our ever-popular comedy skits. Dave has selected some of his favorites to share with our listeners.

In the second half-hour, our Travel Q&A segment tackles the question of vehicle maintenance again, and it’s classic commercials for Columbia Phonographs and Turtle Wax in The Travel Archive. Plus, This Week in Travel takes a trip to the smallest town in the country – Buford, Wyoming – population 1.

Join us for another of exciting, fast-moving episode of travel, roadtripping, and fun on this week’s installment of Road Trip Radio!

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Call in and leave your road trip or travel story on our Road Trip Radio message line – (650) 273-7483. The best stories and tips get read live on the air.

Episode #49 – A Cruise Up the Pacific Coast Highway

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It might be cold outside, but spring road trips are just around the corner on RTR!

Join us as we take a leisurely drive up the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Mendocino, one of the world’s most scenic adventures! Then, we’ll be joined by Earl Swift, author of The Big Roads as he talks about the history of the Interstate System. Plus, we’ll take your travel questions in Travel Q&A about airline carry-on luggage and the meaning of interstate exit numbers. Then, Jeremy will open up The Travel Archive to listen to some classic commercials for Rio Grande ‘Cracked’ Gasoline and for a 1950’s version of Miracle Whip. Plus, On the Lighter Side brings you a call from wacky Wayne Martin.

Join us for another hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun on Episode 49 of Road Trip Radio!

Episode #48 – Explore the Blue Ridge Parkway

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This week the team explores the Blue Ridge Parkway as it meanders through the mountains of Virginia and North Carolina. The Blue Ridge is the most visited site of all those operated by the National Park Service, so join us and plan your summer road trip before the crowds arrive!

This week we talk about driving in wintry weather – and how to do it safely. Dave and Jeremy discuss problems with winter driving and ways to be a defensive driver in bad weather.

Jeremy & Dave discuss this week’s travel news on This Week in Travel. Get ready to fight your next parking ticket with an app, and to visit a sinkhole-infested Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky!

We’ll be answering your questions about travel and vehicle maintenance (as well as discussing the most isolated destination in America) in Travel Q&A, and Jeremy will open up The Travel Archive to listen to a few classic commercials from the golden age of radio (1957 Chevy and Shredded Wheat commercial with organ music). Get ready to laugh in our popular comedy segment On the Lighter Side.