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Episode #49 – A Cruise Up the Pacific Coast Highway

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It might be cold outside, but spring road trips are just around the corner on RTR!

Join us as we take a leisurely drive up the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Mendocino, one of the world’s most scenic adventures! Then, we’ll be joined by Earl Swift, author of The Big Roads as he talks about the history of the Interstate System. Plus, we’ll take your travel questions in Travel Q&A about airline carry-on luggage and the meaning of interstate exit numbers. Then, Jeremy will open up The Travel Archive to listen to some classic commercials for Rio Grande ‘Cracked’ Gasoline and for a 1950’s version of Miracle Whip. Plus, On the Lighter Side brings you a call from wacky Wayne Martin.

Join us for another hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun on Episode 49 of Road Trip Radio!

Episode #44 – A Drive Down Florida’s Atlantic Coast

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While much of the country sits in the deep freeze, join Jeremy and Dave as they head down to Florida’s coastal highway A1A for a scenic and historic drive down one of the most interesting roads on the East Coast. You’ll learn where to find the best beach scenery, as well as the best places to stop along this picturesque byway. The team start their voyage in quaint St. Augustine, home of the Fountain of Youth, and meander their way down the coast.

Also this hour we’re joined by Lincoln Highway enthusiast Brian Butko, author of the book Greetings From the Lincoln Highway. He’ll tell us about the history of the original transcontinental highway and share some of his favorite spots along the ‘Father Road’.

Join us for this week’s news from the roadtripper’s perspective on This Week in Travel. Lots of travel news this week, including a United Airlines ticket agent that was beaten ruthlessly by a crazed passenger, as well as an economical car (less than $7000) that goes on sale in 2015 that claims to get 84 miles per gallon.

Jeremy opens up The Travel Archive to listen to a few classic commercials from the golden age of radio, and fictional caller J. Howard Carter gets what he deserves in our comedy segment On the Lighter Side.

It’s another action-packed hour of travel, roadtripping, and fun on Episode 44 of Road Trip Radio, the travel show for the common man!

Episode #41 – NY to LA in 29 Hours – Meet Speedrunner Ed Bolian

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This week, we chat with Ed Bolian, the man from Atlanta who recently broke the “Cannonball Run” land speed record, driving from New York to Los Angeles in less than 29 hours. He’ll tell us how he did it and the intense preparations that went into setting the long-distance speed record.

Our travel news segment This Week in Travel will focus on a new underwater hotel room available in Tanzania for a mere $900 a night. Also, Jeremy discusses the controversy caused by ‘Emotional Support Animals’ that get on planes and sometimes cause more problems than they solve.

If you’re headed southeast this season, there’s a good chance you’ll be driving along I-24 in Tennessee or through the city of Chattanooga. This week we’ll share some of the secrets of enjoying this stretch of road in ourAlong the Way… segment.

Our On the Lighter Side comedy segment features a call from Stan Lawrence and his plan to set a speed record…. of another kind.

Join us for another hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun with a few classic commercials from the old days of radio sprinkled in for good measure. It’s another episode of Road Trip Radio!

Episode #40 – A Sneak Peak at Discovery Park of America

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The nation’s newest 100,000 square foot science museum, history center, aquarium, and children’s activity park sits in the most unusual place – over 100 miles from the nearest metropolitan area. This week, we talk to Mary Nita Bondurant of the brand-new Discovery Park of America. She’ll be telling us why the small town of Union City, Tennessee, was chosen for such an ambitious educational project. We’ll get a sneak peak into the center, and we’ll find out what’s in store for visitors over the next few months.

In our Along the Way… segment, we return to the Lincoln Highway, this time to Eastern Ohio. This 120-mile stretch of road has plenty of secrets waiting to be told and something for roadtrippers of all ages.

In our comedy segment On the Lighter Side, Silvio Sandoval of the Rio de Janeiro Tourism Ministry calls in and has a little trouble recommending anything specific to listeners, so resorts to insulting the host.

It’s our 40th episode, so join us for an all-new episode of Road Trip Radio!

Episode #39 – An Adventure With Captain Ahab

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This week, Jeremy sits down with Geeg Wiles, the caretaker of a three-foot tall, 40-pound, yellow lawn ornament named “Captain Ahab”.  The most well-traveled lawn ornament in the world, the Captain has become a motivational symbol for thousands. Geeg tells us about his cross-country travel adventures and the reactions he gets when taking Captain Ahab into national parks, restaurants, and down highways from coast to coast.

Is it illegal to drive while wearing Google Glass? One officer in California thinks so, and has written the first citation to a motorist for driving while distracted by Google Glass, although the motorist claims the display wasn’t even active. Plus, we discuss the “Cannonball Run” performed by an Atlanta man last month, speedrunning from New York to Los Angeles in under 29 hours, at speeds topping out at 158 mph, all on public interstate highways.

Join us for an hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun on the travel show for the common man, Road Trip Radio!

Episode #34 – Area 51 & Nevada’s Extraterrestrial Highway

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This week, Jeremy and Dave take on one of the country’s most mysterious highways — Highway 375 in Nevada, sometimes called the Extraterrestrial Highway. Located just a few miles away from the most top secret military installation in the world, Area 51, this highway has treasures for everyone, whether or not you believe the government has something ‘otherworldly’ to hide. We’ll show you how to get as close as is legally possible to Area 51 without crossing the forbidden border and being abducted by the ‘cammo guys.’

We’ll be talking with two experts who know just about everything that can be known about the area. First, we’ll be joined by Pat Travis, who’s owned the Little A’le’inn in the town of Rachel, Nevada, for over 20 years. She’ll share her experiences living so close to the famed military base, plus some of the lessons she’s learned living in such a beautiful, yet isolated place.

Later in our show, we’ll be joined by Will Tryon, of Adventure Photo Tours in Las Vegas. His company organizes tours of the Area 51 border region and the E.T. Highway. Will shares his expertise on jaw-dropping spots to visit around here, and as a 42-year pilot, he gives his thoughts on the unusual maneuvers he’s seen in the sky.

Later, in our comedy segment On the Lighter Side, J. Howard Carter calls in and has accidentally taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque and has ended up at the entrance to Area 51.

Episode #32 – The Dragon: America’s Curviest Highway

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This week, hosts Jeremy Krug and Dave Godar head to the Great Smoky Mountains to experience The Dragon. With 318 curves in 11 miles, it’s the curviest road in the country and the number one road for motorcycles and sports cars. If you like curvy roads with thrills, then you won’t want to miss this exciting byway!

We’ll be talking with M.G. Behrend of Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort in North Carolina (the most famous resort catering to motorcyclists in the country) about what it’s like to experience the thrill of The Dragon.  Dave shares Stories from the Road from listeners that have ridden The Dragon, and Jeremy introduces a unique song written about this curvy road. We’ll also talk about the history of the motorcycle, including the 19th century steam-powered motorcycle.  Our On the Lighter Side segment takes an exciting swing along The Dragon into Deals Gap.

If you like the thrill of an exciting ride – whether you’re on two wheels or four – then you won’t want to miss this week’s episode of Road Trip Radio!

Head over to the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort

Download Arthur Holt’s Music Including Dragon Breath

Episode #23 – Your Rights as a Motorist

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This week we talk with John Bowman, of the National Motorists’ Association, about how traffic enforcement has become less about safety – and more about making a quick buck.  John discusses speed limits, speed traps, and red light cameras, as well as sharing tips that will help prevent your rights as a motorist from being trampled on.

Our weekly travel segment “Along the Way…” heads up to Michigan’s picturesque shores of Lake Huron.  We peruse little communities, parks, and beaches in search of the perfect summer getaway.

Join us once again this week for a fast-moving hour of travel news, talk, comedy, and all-around fun with hosts Jeremy Krug and Dave Godar.


National Motorists’ Association – Defending the rights of motorists!

National Speedtrap Registry

Episode #15 – Lincoln Highway Adventures

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Our guest this week is Brian Butko, author of the book Greetings from the Lincoln Highway.  You’ll want to tune in to listen to his special insight about the history and special sights to see along this historic road, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.

Our Along the Way… segment visits I-80 through western Utah and the Great Salt Flats – one of the most unusual interstate stretches in America – which forms a part of the Lincoln Highway route.

There’s plenty of news This Week in Travel, and there’s more comedy in our popular segment On the Lighter Side.  Join hosts Jeremy Krug and Dave Godar for an entertaining hour of “everything road trip related”.  You won’t be disappointed!

Episode #12 – Spring Break Road Trips – Plus a Trip to Western Kansas

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This week, we’ll be giving you plenty of tips to help you get your vehicle ready for your upcoming Spring Break Road Trip, whether you’re headed to the beach, to a theme park, or somewhere else, make sure you’re ready before you hit the road!

If your next road trip takes you through the HIgh Plains of Western Kansas, you may be surprised to find plenty of roadside treasures await your discovery.  Unusual cliffs and kitschy stops are just a few of the things you’ll find here.  On this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio, we’ll cover some of the sights you won’t want to miss in this often-overlooked part of the country.

Also, Dave Godar interviews RTR host Jeremy Krug about his own road trip experiences and what got him hooked on long-distance road travel.  Join us for more travel tips, travel news, road trip trivia, and comedy on this week’s episode of Road Trip Radio!