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Episode #11 – North to Alaska

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Tonight, we continue our discussion with Brian Salisbury, motorcycle enthusiast as he tells us about his adventures riding North to Alaska.  Our Along the Way… travel segment follows up with a journey on the Dalton Highway, up to the top of the world.

Join us for more comedy, as an angry caller dials in to argue with Jeremy, and we open up the Travel Archive for more classic radio commercials.  For some strange reason, we have lots of news about buses in This Week in Travel.

Here’s the picture.  If you can identify it, you can win a prize.  Drop us a line at roadtripradiousa(at)

Where Am I?

Mystery Road Trip Picture

Episode #10 – Roadtripping on a Motorcycle

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If you’ve ever wanted to head out on a cross-country motorcycle trip, then you won’t want to miss this week’s episode of Road Trip Radio! Jeremy and Dave sit down with motorcycle enthusiast Brian Salisbury to talk about his long-distance motorcycle rides all across America, including a ride up the Alaska Highway.  Brian also talks about his new book, Ten for the Road:  Motorcycle Adventures and Travel Stories.

In this week’s Along the Way… travel segment, we head down to Macon, Georgia, to check out their Cherry Blossom Festival, along with all the other scenic and historic things to do in the area.

This Week in Travel takes a look at some of the good things that airlines have done, and we’ll highlight some road trip planning tips to help you get ready for your next big adventure.

On the Lighter Side takes another time travel adventure, and you won’t want to miss this week’s Travel Archive, where we’ll re-discover the Nash-Kelvinator Auto Company.

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Episode #9 – More Offbeat Tourist Attractions – with Ken Smith

Road Trip Radio’s ninth episode brings the return of Ken Smith and more unusual places to visit across America.  Ken had a lot to say last week about the quirky and kitschy places he’s visited, there will be even more this week.  If we ask nicely, he may even tell us some of the spots that will soon be featured on his website

This week’s Along the Way… travel segment takes us way down to South Texas – all the way down into ranch and cowboy country, then to the idyllic fishing villages along the coast, and eventually to the beach resort of South Padre Island.  If it’s still cold where you are, you won’t want to miss this virtual trip down to someplace warm.

There’s lots of travel news This Week in Travel.  The Titanic may be coming to a port near you, and if you’re in a dancing mood, you might want to think twice before doing the Harlem Shake on a plane.  We’ll be bringing you more vintage radio commercials from The Travel Archive, plus we’ll announce this week’s winner of Road Trip Trivia and give you another puzzler to think about.

If time travel were possible, RTR would be in the thick of it.  And this week’s edition of On the Lighter Side is all about a fictional time travel trip by your two loyal hosts, Dave and Jeremy.

It’s going to be a jam-packed hour, so buckle up, hang on to your hats, and get ready for this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio!

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Episode #8 – Unusual Roadside Attractions – Featuring Ken Smith

Ken Smith has traversed hundreds of thousands of miles of roadways across America in search of the most unusual attractions he can think of.  As co-author of, he’s visited everything from The Thing! in Arizona to Muffler Man statues – and everything in between.  This week Ken shares his observations with us, along with plenty of fun highway stories.  Don’t miss this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio!

In this week’s On the Lighter Side segment, Jeremy & Dave take a ride on the RTR Tram, searching for another member of the Fenderbacker family.  We’ll announce this week’s Road Trip Trivia winner, and give listeners another chance to win the big prize.

Our Along the Way… travel segment visits the DownEast region of coastal Maine and Acadia National Park.  Jeremy & Dave share Road Trip Tips for winter driving.  You won’t want to miss all this, plus This Week in Travel and more classic radio ads from The Travel Archive!

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Episode #7 – The Future of America’s Interstates – Featuring Earl Swift

This week we continue our discussion with historian and author Earl Swift about the history of the interstate highway system.  Last week he gave us a few surprises, such as the fact the Dwight Eisenhower wasn’t really the man behind the interstate system.  We learn about Mr. Swift’s favorite interstate routes, as well as some that aren’t such an easy travel experience.  We learn about the challenges facing the interstates over the upcoming decades.

This week’s edition of Along the Way… visits the resort towns of Riverside County, California, including the National Date Festival.

There’s a plethora of news to talk about, including the return of the crippled cruise ship Carnival Triumph.  We talk about the meteor that gave quite a show over the skies of Russia last week, as well as a new bridge / old bridge swap.

On the Lighter Side takes the RTR helicopter for a spin, and you won’t want to miss what accidentally (or maybe not so accidentally) arrives in the mail at our studio.  Dave and Jeremy may not be able to handle it…

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Episode #6 – The Untold Story of America’s Interstates

On this week’s episode, we talk with Earl Swift, the award-winning author of The Big Roads, a history of the interstate highway system.  He discusses what America’s roads were like at the dawn of the motor age and the need for an expansive expressway system.  Mr. Swift will debunk a couple of rumors about the interstate system, along with sharing his thoughts about the virtues and vices brought about these sprawling ribbons of concrete.

In our Along the Way… segment, we visit Colorado Springs and Pike’s Peak.  Join us for all the most current travel news, along with vintage radio commercials From the Archive.  It’s still as much fun as it was when we started this six weeks ago, except now you’re not the only listener!

This Week in Travel discusses the crippled cruise ship Carnival Triumph, as well as the impending merger of U.S. Airways and American Airlines.  Will this merger be good for the consumer, or will airfares just continue to climb?  Also, learn about the saga of a lady who followed her GPS over 900 miles – in the wrong direction.

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Episode #5 – Six Years Living on the Road – A Chat with Megan Edwards

Tonight we chat with Megan Edwards, author of Roads from the Ashes.  She shares with us the inspirational story of how she and her husband lost everything in a California wildfire, then turned to the road and embarked on a six-year road trip across America in an RV.  Megan will share travel tips that everyone can use to make their next road trip a memorable one.

Our Along the Way... segment visits Central Illinois and the city of Peoria.  Dave reveals that he may have actually been to Peoria before, and we take a caller from someone who knows the area, as well.

This Week In Travel takes up the case of a California motorcycle gang that blocked traffic on a busy freeway so one of their members could propose to his girlfriend.  Is this just another cute proposal, or is it more like felonious intentional blocking of traffic?  And how about a 14 mile per hour speed limit?  Well, the people of Aspen are considering it.  Does it make sense, or is it just another publicity stunt?

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Episode #4 – New Orleans – A Trip to the Super Bowl Host City

Road Trip Radio makes its first appearance on Monday night, and we start off by bringing back a fake interview the man who had to be duct taped to his airline seat last December. In our Along the Way… segment, we visit the enchanting roads of Southern Louisiana, looking for everything from a giant Ronald Reagan statue to the home of Tabasco Sauce.  You won’t want to miss what Dave has to say about the bassigator!

Our guest tonight is Mark Romig, president of New Orleans Tourism Marketing and a member of this year’s Super Bowl Planning Committee, telling us about all the things to do in the city, both on game day and year round.

Later in the hour, Jeremy tries to get a correct answer to this week’s trivia question and fends off crank callers telling him that RTR is broadcasting nothing but haunting silence.  Dave tries to contact the Mars Rover at great expense, both to NASA and to his ego. Join in the fun on this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio!

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Episode #3 – Travel Tips from Mark Sedenquist of

Jeremy and Dave have a big announcement to make about Road Trip Radio, and it’s not that we’ve been cancelled!  RTR will be moving to Monday nights starting next week, January 28th, plus they’ll be on an hour earlier – that’s 9 p.m. East, 6 p.m. West.  Dave also talks about the show now being available on the iTunes podcast store for free download, and warns listeners about the next big computer virus.

Our special guest tonight is Mark Sedenquist, founder and webmaster of RoadTrip America, the web’s largest road trip planning site.  Mark tells our audience how he got hooked on road trips and shares some of his favorite travel tips to make your next vacation even more enjoyable and memorable.

This week’s Along the Way… segment visits the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, a 23-mile bridge/tunnel complex, one of the longest in the world.  Dave wonders if he could make it across without visiting the gift shop – repeatedly.  This Week in Travel highlights a few of the odd aircraft mishaps over the past week, including four tires on a regional jet that (mysteriously?) suffered blowouts all at the same time upon landing at Newark.

Another angry listener calls in to complain about Road Trip Trivia and demands satisfaction.

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