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Episode #69 – The Best of Road Trip Radio

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This week we look back at some of our favorite topics and destinations over the past six months and bring you the Best of Road Trip Radio. Join Jeremy for a trip down the Great River Road, as well as a never-aired interview of co-host Dave Godar about visiting his hometown shortly after it was tragically hit by an F4 tornado . Plus, there’s an all-new On the Lighter Side comedy skit featuring Silvio Sandoval and Dave arguing about fine dining in Brazil. Don’t miss it!

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Episode #63 – Route 66 in Texas

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This week Jeremy and Dave explore Route 66 in Texas – home of the Panhandle Plains! Join us as we visit the home of the world’s largest steaks (Big Texan Steak Ranch), the most offbeat public art project in America (Cadillac Ranch), and an abandoned Route 66 ghost town (Glenrio), along the way in Texas.

In this week’s Travel Q&A, Jeremy discusses the cleanest & dirtiest things in your hotel room. This week’s Travel Archive shares some classic commercials from the Golden Age of radio. In the On the Lighter Sidecomedy segment, there’s more fun comedy the whole family can enjoy.

Join us for another hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun on this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio!

Episode #59 – Experience Route 66

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Route 66 is one of America’s favorite classic highways. This week we take to the road and experience just a few highlights along this superb ribbon of asphalt! Whether you’ve never experienced Route 66 or have traveled it several times, you’ll enjoy this tour – part history, part kitsch, and lots of fun!

Later in the hour, enjoy more classic commercials from the Golden Age of radio in our weekly Travel Archive, this week featuring Roy Rogers and the Chiquita Banana song. Host Jeremy Krug will take your travel questions in the Travel Q&A. And you’ll enjoy another tribute to the Belmont Stakes in this week’s edition of our comedy segment On the Lighter Side.

Jeremy also shares an exclusive discount code for $5 off the print edition of his new book The Road Trip Book: Travel America Like You’ve Always Dreamed.

It’s another hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun on this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio!

Episode #58 – Secrets Along Colorado’s I-70

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We’re now expecting Jeremy’s new book to be available by the first week of June. A small printing issue kept it from being available on Memorial Day. Keep listening for more details and updates!

This week, Jeremy and Dave travel along Interstate 70 through Colorado, crossing mountains and canyons, not to mention looking for hidden secrets in the city of Denver. Jeremy also gives listeners a sneak peak of his new travel book – The Road Trip Book – Travel America Like You’ve Always Dreamed, set to debut in bookstores next week. On This Week in Travel, we talk about the sometimes-crazy antics of Russian buses. And in our On the Lighter Side comedy segment, we’ll have “Fun With Siri”. It’s another hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun on this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio.

Episode #54 – What It’s Like to Roadtrip Through Mexico

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Tonight Jeremy talks about his Mexico road trip experiences. It’s another hour of travel, roadtripping, and fun on this week’ sedition of Road Trip Radio!

Episode #52 – When GPS Goes Bad

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Join us as Jeremy and Dave discuss the world’s craziest GPS stories. Whether it involves a navigation system sending an unsuspecting motorist up a mountain footpath or a tourist to the wrong country, you’ll learn what to do and what NOT to do when you suspect your GPS satnav is sending you the wrong way.
Plus, there’s more comedy, more classic commercials from the Golden Age of radio, and more Travel Q&A, where Jeremy addresses one listener’s need for Premium gasoline.

Episode #35 – America’s Friendliest Small Town, Murray KY

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This week we visit Murray, Kentucky, the “Friendliest Town in America,” according to the 2014 Rand McNally Road Atlas. What makes Murray so friendly, and what’s there for travelers to enjoy?

Plus, our Along the Way… segment stays in the Western Kentucky area, driving through Land Between the Lakes in search of history, natural beauty, and a good time. Join us for an hour of roadtripping, talk, and fun on this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio!

Episode #26 – Travel Forever Out of One Bag

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This week, hosts Jeremy Krug and Dave Godar discuss the art of packing light and the virtues of traveling with one carryon-sized bag.  Jeremy shares his “Five C’s of Packing Light” to help you remember the most important items when taking a road trip.

This week’s Along the Way… segment heads out to California’s Pacific Coast Highway, one of America’s most popular and beautiful scenic routes.  We’ll discuss some of our favorite stops along this jewel of the road.

In our second half-hour, we discuss the inconveniences of modern air travel and cover this week’s most intriguing travel stories.  Plus, don’t forget to join us for more comedy in our On the Lighter Side segment.


Golden Gate Bridge Information

Golden Gate Bridge Tours

Rodeo Beach

The Carry-On Bag Jeremy Uses

Coming Soon:  The 5 C’s of Packing Light – Packing List…


Episode #13 – America’s Cheapest Hotel Rooms

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This week, RTR searches the country for the cheapest hotel and motel rooms that can be found, in search of the elusive $20 room.  What will it be like – an acceptable option or a scary fleabag?  Jeremy, Dave, and their listeners share their experiences in the cheapest of cheap motel rooms.

Our Along the Way… segment visits the state of Arizona, looking for fun stops along the highway.

This Week in Travel will clue listeners in on the worst cities in the country for traffic jams.  Also, annual airline customer satisfaction surveys are out, and you’ll learn the best airlines for luggage, as well as the worst.

Join us for another week of fun on Road Trip Radio!

Episode #8 – Unusual Roadside Attractions – Featuring Ken Smith

Ken Smith has traversed hundreds of thousands of miles of roadways across America in search of the most unusual attractions he can think of.  As co-author of, he’s visited everything from The Thing! in Arizona to Muffler Man statues – and everything in between.  This week Ken shares his observations with us, along with plenty of fun highway stories.  Don’t miss this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio!

In this week’s On the Lighter Side segment, Jeremy & Dave take a ride on the RTR Tram, searching for another member of the Fenderbacker family.  We’ll announce this week’s Road Trip Trivia winner, and give listeners another chance to win the big prize.

Our Along the Way… travel segment visits the DownEast region of coastal Maine and Acadia National Park.  Jeremy & Dave share Road Trip Tips for winter driving.  You won’t want to miss all this, plus This Week in Travel and more classic radio ads from The Travel Archive!

Click here to listen to Episode #8 of Road Trip Radio.