Meet Our Hosts

Jeremy Krug is the host of Road Trip Radio and is an avid roadtripper. He’s visited every part of the United States by car and has logged over a third of a million miles on long-distance road trips. Since 2002, Jeremy has made well over a dozen road trips across Mexico, as well. On Road Trip Radio, he shares his own travel expertise, in addition to introducing the listening audience to some of the most interesting voices in road travel today.

Dave Godar is the co-host of Road Trip Radio. A creative writer by trade, Dave scours the highways in search of interesting road stories and interviews. He brings his refreshing sense of humor to the world of travel podcasting, providing inspiration for the characters in the popular On the Lighter Side series.

Join Jeremy and Dave every week for the most unusual and entertaining travel podcast on the Internet. It’s a little bit of travel and a whole lot of fun; it’s Road Trip Radio – the travel show for the common man!

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