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Episode #11 – North to Alaska

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Tonight, we continue our discussion with Brian Salisbury, motorcycle enthusiast as he tells us about his adventures riding North to Alaska.  Our Along the Way… travel segment follows up with a journey on the Dalton Highway, up to the top of the world.

Join us for more comedy, as an angry caller dials in to argue with Jeremy, and we open up the Travel Archive for more classic radio commercials.  For some strange reason, we have lots of news about buses in This Week in Travel.

Here’s the picture.  If you can identify it, you can win a prize.  Drop us a line at roadtripradiousa(at)

Where Am I?

Mystery Road Trip Picture

Episode #10 – Roadtripping on a Motorcycle

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If you’ve ever wanted to head out on a cross-country motorcycle trip, then you won’t want to miss this week’s episode of Road Trip Radio! Jeremy and Dave sit down with motorcycle enthusiast Brian Salisbury to talk about his long-distance motorcycle rides all across America, including a ride up the Alaska Highway.  Brian also talks about his new book, Ten for the Road:  Motorcycle Adventures and Travel Stories.

In this week’s Along the Way… travel segment, we head down to Macon, Georgia, to check out their Cherry Blossom Festival, along with all the other scenic and historic things to do in the area.

This Week in Travel takes a look at some of the good things that airlines have done, and we’ll highlight some road trip planning tips to help you get ready for your next big adventure.

On the Lighter Side takes another time travel adventure, and you won’t want to miss this week’s Travel Archive, where we’ll re-discover the Nash-Kelvinator Auto Company.

Listen to Episode 10 at this link