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Episode #9 – More Offbeat Tourist Attractions – with Ken Smith

Road Trip Radio’s ninth episode brings the return of Ken Smith and more unusual places to visit across America.  Ken had a lot to say last week about the quirky and kitschy places he’s visited, there will be even more this week.  If we ask nicely, he may even tell us some of the spots that will soon be featured on his website

This week’s Along the Way… travel segment takes us way down to South Texas – all the way down into ranch and cowboy country, then to the idyllic fishing villages along the coast, and eventually to the beach resort of South Padre Island.  If it’s still cold where you are, you won’t want to miss this virtual trip down to someplace warm.

There’s lots of travel news This Week in Travel.  The Titanic may be coming to a port near you, and if you’re in a dancing mood, you might want to think twice before doing the Harlem Shake on a plane.  We’ll be bringing you more vintage radio commercials from The Travel Archive, plus we’ll announce this week’s winner of Road Trip Trivia and give you another puzzler to think about.

If time travel were possible, RTR would be in the thick of it.  And this week’s edition of On the Lighter Side is all about a fictional time travel trip by your two loyal hosts, Dave and Jeremy.

It’s going to be a jam-packed hour, so buckle up, hang on to your hats, and get ready for this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio!

Click here to listen to this week’s episode.

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Episode #8 – Unusual Roadside Attractions – Featuring Ken Smith

Ken Smith has traversed hundreds of thousands of miles of roadways across America in search of the most unusual attractions he can think of.  As co-author of, he’s visited everything from The Thing! in Arizona to Muffler Man statues – and everything in between.  This week Ken shares his observations with us, along with plenty of fun highway stories.  Don’t miss this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio!

In this week’s On the Lighter Side segment, Jeremy & Dave take a ride on the RTR Tram, searching for another member of the Fenderbacker family.  We’ll announce this week’s Road Trip Trivia winner, and give listeners another chance to win the big prize.

Our Along the Way… travel segment visits the DownEast region of coastal Maine and Acadia National Park.  Jeremy & Dave share Road Trip Tips for winter driving.  You won’t want to miss all this, plus This Week in Travel and more classic radio ads from The Travel Archive!

Click here to listen to Episode #8 of Road Trip Radio.