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Episode #4 – New Orleans – A Trip to the Super Bowl Host City

Road Trip Radio makes its first appearance on Monday night, and we start off by bringing back a fake interview the man who had to be duct taped to his airline seat last December. In our Along the Way… segment, we visit the enchanting roads of Southern Louisiana, looking for everything from a giant Ronald Reagan statue to the home of Tabasco Sauce.  You won’t want to miss what Dave has to say about the bassigator!

Our guest tonight is Mark Romig, president of New Orleans Tourism Marketing and a member of this year’s Super Bowl Planning Committee, telling us about all the things to do in the city, both on game day and year round.

Later in the hour, Jeremy tries to get a correct answer to this week’s trivia question and fends off crank callers telling him that RTR is broadcasting nothing but haunting silence.  Dave tries to contact the Mars Rover at great expense, both to NASA and to his ego. Join in the fun on this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio!

Click here to listen to Episode 4