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Episode #53 – Adventures in Mexico, Nebraska, and Beyond

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Using over a decade of experience on the highways and byways of Mexico, Jeremy discusses what it’s like to take a road trip south of the border. He’ll be taking your questions about safety, legal requirements, and travel tips for a Mexico road trip. Send your questions before the show to our Facebook page or call them in at (650) 27-DRIVE. If you’re adventurous, take a listen to this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio. We’ll continue the discussion next week, too…

Our weekly travel segment Along the Way… visits the surprising treasures found along I-80 in Nebraska. Dave talks about geese and the birthplace of the dial tone.

This week’s Travel Q&A addresses whether it’s safe to stop at interstate rest areas and the fastest route from coast to coast.  Join us for classic commercials from the Golden Age of Radio in the Travel Archive. Plus, we have a very special edition of On the Lighter Side with plenty of comedy.

Join us for another hour of travel, roadtripping, and fun on this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio!