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Episode #30 – State Fairs

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One of the greatest road trip traditions is to pile into the family car for a trip to the state fair. This week, hosts Jeremy Krug & Dave Godar talk about the greatest parts of going to the fair, plus some of the biggest and best fairs in the country.

This week’s travel segment Along the Way... heads to the North Country, following U.S. 2 through Minnesota. It’s the perfect place to go when the weather gets hot in the rest of the country!

This Week in Travel discusses the new speed limit in Illinois, as well as the man that tried to smuggle a turtle onto a plane in China.  Also, the $105,000 parking fine in Chicago gets resolved.  Plus, which state in the union has the best (and worst) roads?  We’ll discuss it all on this week’s edition of RTR, plus classic commercials and a comical visit from the Mars Rover!