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Episode #44 – A Drive Down Florida’s Atlantic Coast

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While much of the country sits in the deep freeze, join Jeremy and Dave as they head down to Florida’s coastal highway A1A for a scenic and historic drive down one of the most interesting roads on the East Coast. You’ll learn where to find the best beach scenery, as well as the best places to stop along this picturesque byway. The team start their voyage in quaint St. Augustine, home of the Fountain of Youth, and meander their way down the coast.

Also this hour we’re joined by Lincoln Highway enthusiast Brian Butko, author of the book Greetings From the Lincoln Highway. He’ll tell us about the history of the original transcontinental highway and share some of his favorite spots along the ‘Father Road’.

Join us for this week’s news from the roadtripper’s perspective on This Week in Travel. Lots of travel news this week, including a United Airlines ticket agent that was beaten ruthlessly by a crazed passenger, as well as an economical car (less than $7000) that goes on sale in 2015 that claims to get 84 miles per gallon.

Jeremy opens up The Travel Archive to listen to a few classic commercials from the golden age of radio, and fictional caller J. Howard Carter gets what he deserves in our comedy segment On the Lighter Side.

It’s another action-packed hour of travel, roadtripping, and fun on Episode 44 of Road Trip Radio, the travel show for the common man!

Episode #42 – Holiday Air Travel Tips

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If you’ll be taking to the skies this holiday season, you won’t want to miss this episode of Road Trip Radio. We’ll give easy-to-follow tips to help you find your way through the long lines, potentially bad weather, flight delays, and stringent security measures that you’re likely to find when traveling during peak periods.

Plus, this week we celebrate the Season Finale of Road Trip Radio. Join us for a brief look back over our first year on the air, plus a look forward to some changes and enhancements to our show when we return for our second season in January.

Episode #41 – NY to LA in 29 Hours – Meet Speedrunner Ed Bolian

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This week, we chat with Ed Bolian, the man from Atlanta who recently broke the “Cannonball Run” land speed record, driving from New York to Los Angeles in less than 29 hours. He’ll tell us how he did it and the intense preparations that went into setting the long-distance speed record.

Our travel news segment This Week in Travel will focus on a new underwater hotel room available in Tanzania for a mere $900 a night. Also, Jeremy discusses the controversy caused by ‘Emotional Support Animals’ that get on planes and sometimes cause more problems than they solve.

If you’re headed southeast this season, there’s a good chance you’ll be driving along I-24 in Tennessee or through the city of Chattanooga. This week we’ll share some of the secrets of enjoying this stretch of road in ourAlong the Way… segment.

Our On the Lighter Side comedy segment features a call from Stan Lawrence and his plan to set a speed record…. of another kind.

Join us for another hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun with a few classic commercials from the old days of radio sprinkled in for good measure. It’s another episode of Road Trip Radio!

Episode #38 – A Special All-Request Hour – The Best of RTR

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Last week, our listeners spoke, and we listened! Jeremy and Dave picked out your favorite interviews, travel topics, news stories, and comedy sketches over the past year and combined them into one action-packed hour of entertainment. This week we bring you a special all-request hour on Road Trip Radio.  Some of the segments you’ll hear include:

  • The Lincoln Highway – As It Was in 1916
  • Crazy Russian Bus Driver Antics
  • Colorado’s Million Dollar Highway
  • Out-of-Control Airline Passenger Duct-Taped to His Seat
  • Plus Much More!

Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page for daily road trip tips. You won’t want to miss this special look back at the past year of Road Trip Radio. It’s a special hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun on the travel show for the common man!

Episode #37 – Steering Clear of Deer

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Vehicle collisions with deer are of the most costly and unpredictable types of crashes in the country. This week, we’ll tell you where and when you’re most likely to hit a deer and what NOT to do if you see one in your path. Plus, we’ll trade stories of deer collisions we’ve experienced in the past.

Our weekly travel segment Along the Way… takes a drive down one of the most interesting interstates in America – California’s Interstate 8.  In its short 170 miles, you’ll see a little bit of everything, and we’ll tell you the best and quirkiest places to stop while you’re there.

In This Week in Travel, we’ll discuss the unusual and shocking things one Arizona hotel occupant found in her room.  And we’ll open up the Travel Archive to listen to more classic commercials from the 1960’s.  Don’t miss our On the Lighter Side segment, where we’ll catch up with J. Howard Carter and his latest cause for consternation.

It’s another hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun on this week’s episode of Road Trip Radio!


Tips for Avoiding Deer Collisions

Likelihood of Deer Collision – National Map

How clean was that hotel room?  Weapons and trash on the floor, and maybe meth….?

Episode #33 – Drive Florida’s Overseas Highway

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Join Jeremy and Dave as they head to the Florida Keys on the Overseas Highway. U.S. Highway 1 follows a historic path down one of the most picturesque and interesting drives in the world. You’ll see beaches, bridges, miniature deer, and maybe even an iguana or two. And if you’re a little adventurous, we’ll show you how to get to the nation’s most isolated national park: a walled fortress located 70 miles west of Key West.

It’s another hour of roadtripping, talk, and fun on this week’s installment of Road Trip Radio!

Episode #21 – The Best of Road Trip Radio

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This week, Dave and Jeremy look back on RTR’s first 20 episodes and choose some of their favorite interviews, places, classic commercials, and comedy bits to make this a compilation of the Best of Road Trip Radio.