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Episode #3 – Travel Tips from Mark Sedenquist of

Jeremy and Dave have a big announcement to make about Road Trip Radio, and it’s not that we’ve been cancelled!  RTR will be moving to Monday nights starting next week, January 28th, plus they’ll be on an hour earlier – that’s 9 p.m. East, 6 p.m. West.  Dave also talks about the show now being available on the iTunes podcast store for free download, and warns listeners about the next big computer virus.

Our special guest tonight is Mark Sedenquist, founder and webmaster of RoadTrip America, the web’s largest road trip planning site.  Mark tells our audience how he got hooked on road trips and shares some of his favorite travel tips to make your next vacation even more enjoyable and memorable.

This week’s Along the Way… segment visits the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, a 23-mile bridge/tunnel complex, one of the longest in the world.  Dave wonders if he could make it across without visiting the gift shop – repeatedly.  This Week in Travel highlights a few of the odd aircraft mishaps over the past week, including four tires on a regional jet that (mysteriously?) suffered blowouts all at the same time upon landing at Newark.

Another angry listener calls in to complain about Road Trip Trivia and demands satisfaction.

Download this week’s episode here.