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Episode #55 – Celebrating National Train Day

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Join us as we celebrate the 7th annual National Train Day by hopping aboard the California Zephyr, traveling from Chicago west through the Rockies, across the desert, and onward to California! We’ll share tips and tricks for securing the lowest fares as well as making sure you’ve got the best seat on the train.

This Week in Travel focuses on rising speed limits; we’ll tell you where the speed limit will be rising to 80 mph this summer, plus we’ll tell you which airlines profited the most from baggage fees. All this, plus classic commercials from The Travel Archive and old-fashioned comedy On the Lighter Side! It’s another hour of travel, roadtripping, and fun on this week’s edition of Road Trip Radio!

Episode #29 – Historic Natchez Trace – Rising Speed Limits

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This week, our Along the Way… segment features the historic Natchez Trace Parkway through Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi, relishing the southern scenery that surrounds travelers as they drive this 444-mile byway.

Ever since the so-called ‘double nickel’ nationwide speed limit was repealed in 1987, speed limits on interstate highways have been edging higher.  In fact, a half-dozen states are currently in the process of raising their speed limits.  Host Jeremy Krug will talk about the push for higher limits across the country and how it will affect your next long-distance road trip.

In This Week in Travel, Jeremy and Dave discuss the proposed hyperloop that could take travelers from Los Angeles to San Francisco faster than the speed of sound, plus the recent epidemic of purse snatchings that have taken place at – of all places – gas stations.  Our comedy segment On the Lighter Side welcomes a special guest, fresh off his media tour.  Don’t miss this week’s episode of Road Trip Radio!