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Episode #2 – The Worst Roads in America

For those of you that thought Road Trip Radio would be pulled off the air after last week’s antics, think again!  More fun, more travel talk, and more travel tips abound on this week’s edition.

Road Trip Radio is back for a second week of travel and fun, but this time with a more critical eye.  Dave has the night off, so Jeremy discusses the worst, most potholed, most traffic-clogged, most dangerous highways in the United States.   And don’t forget to call in and answer tonight’s trivia question for a shot at winning valuable (and we repeat, valuable) prizes.  (Will anyone win the prize tonight?)  We take a virtual trip to West Texas in our Along the Way. . . segment, and if we’re in a good mood, we might even cross the state line into New Mexico.  Jeremy talks about how great it would be to drive a ’58 Edsel, and he takes calls from pedestrians and roadtrippers alike from across the country.

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Listen to Episode #2 – The Worst Roads in America.

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